Congress intends to hold the government accountable for U.S. goals on Ukraine

The US Congress plans to require the president, the Pentagon and other relevant agencies to report on assistance to the Ukrainian government and Washington’s goals in Ukraine, according to the text of a budget bill for the remainder of fiscal year 2024 for part of the agencies released by the United States House of Representatives Appropriations Committee.

The document requires the Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and the leadership of other relevant agencies within 60 days from the adoption of the budget to provide the leadership of Congress with a “strategy on the priorities of the national security of the United States” in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

“This strategy should include clear objectives, timeframes and strategic sites, taking into account the appropriations approved by this and previous laws,” the text of the budget specifies.

In addition, the bill obliges the US president to explain the allocation of financial assistance to Kiev from the point of view of US national security interests.

“Every 120 days, the US President must report to Congressional leaders on the assistance provided,” the document says.

The draft budget provides for the allocation of $1.4 billion for “international security assistance”. Funding for Ukraine within the framework of this document is possible from the economic support fund, as well as from assistance to Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia.

We will remind, earlier the assistant to the American president for national security Jake Sullivan during a visit to Kiev said that he could not predict when new aid to Ukraine would be agreed.