The majority of Moldovans are dissatisfied with the country’s development course – the survey

Almost 60% of Moldovans are dissatisfied with the country’s development course, according to the results of a public opinion poll by the Institute of Marketing and Sociological Surveys (IMAS) of the republic. The poll was commissioned by the Romanian company Independent news.

“Moldovans were asked to assess whether the country is moving in the right direction. Only 36% supported the development course chosen by the authorities. 59% are dissatisfied with the chosen direction,” said the head of IMAS, Doru Petruci, who presented the results of the survey from Bucharest, the presentation was broadcast online on social networks.

According to published data, only 4% of Moldovans are satisfied with their life in the country, 46% of respondents noted that they are dissatisfied with the way they live, 38% of respondents said that they began to live worse than a year ago, and another 40% did not see the difference from last year.

The survey was conducted from February 9 to 16, 1,091 people took part in it, with a margin of error of 3%.

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