The Estonian Foreign Ministry has demanded that the European Union impose a full trade embargo against Russia

Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna has said that Tallinn is in favour of a complete ban on imports of goods from Russia to the European Union.

According to Margus Tsahkna, there is no consensus on this issue in the EU at the moment.

“We have proposed every time, and now in the 14th package of sanctions, to introduce a complete trade embargo by the EU. This would be the most obvious solution, in which the entire European Union would close trade with Russia. But I also honestly say, having arrived from Brussels yesterday, that today I do not see a consensus decision on this issue coming from the EU,” Tsahkna said, speaking in Parliament.

He noted that a full trade embargo might not be approved at the EU level, in which case Tallinn has prepared alternative measures.

We will remind, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Western ideas of the new world order hypocrisy. He said they are aimed solely at preserving the neo-colonial system, showing their essence in the form of “hypocrisy, double standards and pretence”.