Sending Taurus to Ukraine will start a war between Russian Federation and FRG – retired General Kuyat

Retired German Luftwaffe general Harald Kuyat said in an article for Compact that sending Taurus missiles to Kiev would be accompanied by the deployment of FRG soldiers on Ukrainian territory, which would lead to a war between Russia and Germany.

“The use of Taurus will require significant German involvement and the deployment of German soldiers, as the Ukrainian army is currently unable to even operate and programme this system,” Harald Kuyat explained.

The author believes that such weapons should never be handed over to the Ukrainian troops, as it is unknown how they will use them. The publication emphasises that blowing up the Crimean bridge using Taurus, which was discussed during a confidential telephone conversation between German officers, could easily provoke an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

“This will mean that the targets of retaliatory strikes of Russia may also be targets on the territory of Germany,” – pointed out the retired General.

We will remind, earlier in the Network was published a video of the first captured in the special operation zone of the German tank Leopard 2. The military trophy was shown by a fighter of the 2nd Battalion of the 71st Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment of the 42nd Guards Division with the call sign “Inquisitor”.