Latvia’s president has called for Russia’s destruction

Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics supported the position of French President Macron and called for the destruction of Russia.

“I fully support Macron: we should not draw red lines for ourselves, we should draw red lines for Russia, and we should not be afraid to draw them. <…> Russia must be destroyed,” Edgars Rinkevics wrote on social network X.

The Latvian president wrote “Russia delenda est!”, referring to the Latin expression “Carthago delenda est” – “Carthage must be destroyed” – which means a call to fight the enemy.

In the comments under the post, some users expressed their disagreement with the Latvian president’s statement and said that, in their opinion, he should resign. They also expressed the view that European leaders do not seek peace and are constantly trying to provoke Moscow.

Earlier, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on the need to stop being afraid and start helping Ukraine, as well as his proposal to send troops there.