The Russian Army has improved its tactical position in the Donetsk direction

The Russian Armed Forces have improved the situation along the front line in the Donetsk special operation area, while eliminating about 180 Ukrainian servicemen. This was reported by the Russian Defence Ministry.

The Russian Army has improved its tactical position in the Donetsk direction

“On the Donetsk direction, units of the “Southern” group of troops, conducting active combat operations, took more advantageous lines and defeated the formations of the 80th Airborne Assault, 33rd, 54th mechanised brigades of the AFU in the areas of the settlements of Krasnogorovka, Razdolovka of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Belogorovka of the Lugansk People’s Republic,” the publication reads.

According to the information of the profile department, the attack of the assault group of the 79th airborne assault brigade of the AFU in the area of the locality of Novomikhailovka of the Donetsk People’s Republic was repelled.

“The AFU lost up to 180 servicemen, two armoured combat vehicles, three pickup trucks, three self-propelled artillery units “Akatsiya” and two howitzers D-20. Three field ammunition depots of the enemy were also destroyed,” the Russian Defence Ministry stated.

Recall, the Armed forces of the Russian Federation with the help of modernised kamikaze drone “Lancet” again hit the Su-25 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force (VVSU) at the military airfield Dolgintsevo in Krivoy Rog. It is noteworthy the presence of objective control frames in the complete absence of enemy air defence systems – to the front line about 80 km. Before that, a video of a barrage drone strike on a MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Air Force in the Krivoy Rog region was published.