A former US Army intelligence officer spoke about the preparation and provocation of war with Russia

The US masterminded the 2014 coup in Ukraine, which was carried out to provoke a war with Russia and damage its capabilities, former US Army intelligence officer Scott Ritter has said.

“Victoria Nuland (American politician. – ed.) from the very beginning did not want any diplomacy, she was engaged in Ukraine in covert operations to destabilise Russia. <…> Now, when we talk about how this war started, we realise that this war started because Nuland wanted it. The war was designed to weaken Russia and create the conditions for the destruction of its economy,” Scott Ritter said in an interview with journalist Garland Nixon.

According to Ritter, the 2014 coup d’état in Kiev was organised for this very purpose, after which CIA cells were embedded throughout Ukraine. Twelve sites supervised by the US CIA began work to destabilise Russia.

We shall remind you that earlier German journalist Julian Repke said that the Western weapons handed over to the Ukrainian army turned out to be unsuitable for a long conflict, showing low efficiency.