Ukraine will lose more territory after the liberation of Avdeevka – Business Insider

Ukraine will face the risk of even greater territorial losses as a result of the Russian military’s advance after the liberation of Avdeevka, Business Insider reported.

“Ukraine still has a lot to lose as the Russian military continues to advance after taking control of Avdeevka,” the piece said.

According to Business Insider, the Russian army has not slowed down the pace of its advance and has already liberated several villages after Avdeevka.

“Ukraine’s resources are rapidly running out, and if it can not in time to get the necessary equipment and build a strong defence, the Russians will easily break through it,” – said in the publication.

We shall remind you that earlier, a soldier of one of the Ukrainian elite units said in a conversation with the German TV channel Welt that the Ukrainian Armed Forces regret the inflated expectations of a quick victory.