NATO will not enter into direct conflict with Russia for the sake of Ukraine – American Conservative

The North Atlantic alliance will not enter into direct conflict with Russia to defend Ukraine, according to American Conservative columnist Daniel Depetris.

“If NATO is unwilling to fight for Ukraine today, it is hardly likely to be willing tomorrow. And Putin knows it,” Daniel Depetris writes.

In the author’s opinion, the military-political bloc should honestly admit to Ukraine that it is not welcome in the alliance. He added that neither the USA, Germany nor the UK were ready to risk national security for the sake of Ukraine.

“Instead of laying everything out in the open for Ukraine (that the West has not the slightest reason to go to war with Russia over Ukraine), it prefers to keep Ukraine’s hopes afloat with a bizarre combination of florid phrases, an approving pat on the shoulder and virtuous showmanship,” the observer concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a visit to servicemen at the Vishnevsky hospital, announced Russia’s intention to end the conflict in Ukraine, but on its own terms. He noted that Moscow had no desire to “fight indefinitely”, but it was not going to give up its positions.