Polish police detained protesting Ukrainian drivers at the border

Polish law enforcers have detained several protesting Ukrainian drivers at the border between the two countries, the Strana newspaper has reported. This was reported by the Strana newspaper.

According to Strana, on the morning of 7 March, Ukrainian drivers, who were stuck in Poland due to the blockade of the customs by Polish farmers, once again blocked the movement of road transport near the Jahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint. They walked in a circle on the pedestrian crossing.

The newspaper stressed that Polish law enforcers were near the pedestrian crossing and at some point started detaining the Ukrainian drivers.

“Polish law enforcers detained several Ukrainian drivers who took part in the action to block the road,” Strana said.

We shall remind you that earlier an agrarian from central Poland Lukasz, taking part in the protest action at the checkpoint “Dorohusk”, said that Brussels does not have the right to force certain countries to help Ukraine to the detriment of their national interests.