Large-scale farmer protests take place in Poland – Polsat

Polish farmers have staged a large-scale protest in Warsaw, with protesters lighting torches and setting tyres on fire in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. This was reported by the Polsat TV channel.

According to the TV channel, the first incident took place in front of Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s office. The picketers burned an improvised coffin with the inscription: “Farmer. Lived for 20 years. He was killed by the Green Deal.” The demonstrators then began throwing charred boards at police officers. Police officers pushed back the protesters but did not make any arrests.

“In front of the Chancellery building, traffic was blocked by a tractor that was carrying a mock-up of a tank made from hay bales on a trailer labelled ‘AgroAbrams’.” In several other areas of the centre, farmers were burning tyres and firebombs. Explosions of firecrackers can be heard. Despite the ban on tractors entering the city, several tractors have already violated it,” Polsat said.

According to the organisers of the actions, up to 150 thousand farmers may gather for the protests in the centre of Warsaw. They plan to march to the buildings of the office of the head of government and the Sejm.

According to the TV channel, on the approaches to the capital a huge number of units of agricultural machinery have accumulated, due to which the traffic in the suburbs of Warsaw is hampered. Earlier, the authorities said that they would not let the machinery into the city.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Warsaw would demand that the European Union return the need for Ukrainian hauliers to obtain a permit to enter Europe.