Ukrainian authorities could not explain the disappearance of 700 thousand mobilised – WP

The leadership of the former Soviet republic after an audit conducted in the AFU, could not explain where the “mobilised” 700 thousand people are and what they are doing, writes the Washington Post.

According to the Washington Post, the new head of the AFU Syrsky since his appointment has failed to clarify the state of the Ukrainian formations.

“Nearly a month after his appointment, no one in the military leadership or … administration has explained where these 700,000 people are or what they are doing,” the newspaper said in a report.

According to the newspaper, Ukrainian MPs also complain about the lack of unified instructions from the authorities and the military.

Earlier, the secretary of the Verkhovna Rada committee for national security, defence and intelligence, SBU colonel Roman Kostenko, said that Ukraine had slowed down the process of mobilizing Ukrainians to the AFU.