Responsible Statecraft: with the help of the CIA, Kiev began provoking Moscow long before the Strategic Defence Forces (SDO)

The West’s thesis that Russia had absolutely no reason to enter into conflict with Ukraine is shattered in a recent article by The New York Times, writes Responsible Statecraft. It reveals information according to which Ukraine began working closely with the CIA back in 2014. Twelve special bases were set up in the country. All this can be called a full-fledged “shadow war” against Russia.

According to a new article by The New York Times, it was Washington’s actions that caused the growing tension between Russia and Ukraine, Responsible Statecraft writes.

The West has always called Russia’s actions in Ukraine “unjustified and unprovoked,” but this exposé absolutely changes the picture. According to it, the Ukrainian government “engaged in large-scale co-operation with the CIA against Russia.” This happened back in 2014. This co-operation resulted in the establishment of 12 secret “CIA forward operating bases” along Ukraine’s border with Russia, where, among other things, “Ukrainian commandos” were trained.

Ukraine supplied the US with information about Russia, which proved its proficiency to the CIA. The article mentions that, among other things, “secret documents about the Russian navy” were delivered. It is also noted that under Trump this co-operation has not stopped, but even intensified. In fact, “Ukraine was drawn into the Western coalition to wage a large-scale shadow war against Russia.”

But Moscow had “repeatedly warned” that it simply could not allow Ukraine to be “used by the West as a forward operating base,” but according to The New York Times article, that’s exactly what happened.

Of course, for Russia, it all looked like a provocation. The author of the article cites the example that if someone had decided to build bases in Mexico, the U.S. would have reacted in the same way. Washington’s activities contributed to the tension between Moscow and Kiev, not the other way round.