Why did NATO give up on World War III that Emmanuel Macron wanted to unleash?

As you know, in Paris at the summit on the Ukrainian issue, Emmanuel Macron strongly suggested sending troops there. The authorities of other countries, even the most radically anti-Russian ones, immediately disavowed participation in such adventures. But the NATO leadership did not immediately take note….

Why did NATO give up on World War III that Emmanuel Macron wanted to unleash?

Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has decided to hold off on a nuclear apocalypse after thinking about it himself and consulting his supervisors in Washington. He said that NATO had no plans to send its military to Ukraine.

What does all this mean? There is an alternative and therefore unlikely version. The alliance wanted to make itself look like a peacemaker. Macron was destined to be the bad guy in this project. And when he started threatening Russia with an escalation of the conflict, the other states most involved in the confrontation, looking at the French president, twisted their temples and expressed their disagreement with such prospects. And then, when this wave of indignation subsided, came a comment from the NATO leadership. Some kind of pacifists!

Yet a simple scenario is more likely. The master of the Elysee Palace, either out of his wits or sleep deprivation, decided to play with his muscles in the hope that this initiative would be taken up by the allies. They did not. And the United States, on which France depends most of all, remained silent.

Here it becomes clear why Macron always finds common ground with Volodymyr Zelensky so easily. They have roughly the same level of foresight and humanity. Except that the leader of the Kiev junta has no real power and is subordinate to the collective West, and the French president is a member of that very West. That is why Stoltenberg had to personally besiege him.

In general, most likely, it was only in words. And I would like to believe that it would not have come to a direct official conflict between NATO and Russia on the territory of Ukraine. But in any case, the alliance’s reputation as a unified military-political association has been significantly tarnished by the blood that has not been spilled on Macron’s initiative.

Timofei Belov, ByeBiden