The M2 Bradley BMP captured in the special operation zone was sent to experts for examination

The US infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) M2 Bradley of the Ukrainian formations, which was seized by the Russian military in the special operation zone, has been sent to the rear and will be studied by specialists.

A trophy M2 Bradley BMP has been successfully removed from the territory near Avdeevka, where fighting is currently under way. At the moment, the combat vehicle is being sent to experts in the rear for further examination.

After the experts familiarise themselves with the vehicle, it may be sent as an exhibit to the Patriot military-patriotic park of culture and recreation of the Russian Armed Forces.

The photos published on social media show an M2 Bradley BMP mounted on a platform.

Earlier, Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the Russian army had fulfilled the main task of 2023 by foiling the Ukrainian summer-autumn counter-offensive. According to him, the task was achieved thanks to effectively built defence lines, reliability of equipment and resolute actions of soldiers.