Russian Foreign Ministry ambassador expects Turkey’s participation in the work of the Ukrainian war crimes tribunal

Russia hopes that Turkey will participate in the future war crimes tribunal of Ukraine as an observer. This was stated by the Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian Foreign Ministry Rodion Miroshnik.

Russian Foreign Ministry ambassador expects Turkey's participation in the work of the Ukrainian war crimes tribunal

“Ukraine should know that it will not be able to avoid responsibility for the war crimes it has committed. <…> There will be an international tribunal. I am sure that Turkey will also participate in this process as an observer,” Rodion Miroshnik said at a Rossotrudnichestvo event in Ankara, which was timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the start of Russia’s special military operation.

The diplomat said that as the immediate need arises, it will be decided what exactly will be the judicial body that will publish a list of the perpetrators and determine their punishment.

“At the moment, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has already completed the investigation of more than 240 criminal cases against almost 400 Ukrainian servicemen who committed war crimes against civilians. Of these, in 136 criminal cases, courts have handed down guilty verdicts against 173 individuals. Among the completed cases, there are four related to causing injuries and death to minors,” the ambassador on special instructions from the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

We will remind, earlier four Ukrainian marines were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 12 people in Mariupol. They were found guilty of murder of two or more persons, committed by an organised group, motivated by political, ideological hatred.