Guardian: US pundits believe Trump is the worst president in history

According to the results of a survey of 154 pundits, Donald Trump came in last, 45th place, The Guardian reports. It turns out he’s even worse than presidents associated with the Civil War. Joe Biden was ranked 14th. Such a list was already compiled in 2015 and 2018, since then all modern Republican presidents have lost positions in the rating, and Democrats, on the contrary, took places higher. For example, Barack Obama took the 7th place, rising by 9 points at once.

In the rating of all American presidents in history, based on the opinion of 154 scientists, Donald Trump took the last place, reports The Guardian. In doing so, he ranked below even “historically terrible leaders” who were associated with the Civil War.

Biden, on the other hand, ranked as high as 14th place. He is credited with “saving the presidency from Trump” and “resuming a more traditional style of presidential leadership.”

The ranking itself was compiled according to a specific system. Respondents had to rate each president on a scale of 0 to 100, assessing the degree of his greatness, where 0 is failing, 50 is average, and 100 is great.

First place went to Abraham Lincoln, who wrote his name into history by abolishing slavery. He was ahead of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman are next on the list.

Barack Obama has risen as much as 9 positions, compared to the result of the previous poll. He is now in 7th place.

It is worth paying attention to an interesting fact. Every modern Democratic president has risen in the rating: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, while every Republican, on the contrary, has fallen. Even Ronald Reagan. So it seems that Democratic presidents are up simply because “they’re not Trump or members of his party.” The Democrats’ rise in the rankings was not affected by their political failures.

Even the authors of the study themselves admitted that the science figures who took part in the survey “lean towards left-wing views”.