Ukraine has once again appeared before the international community as terrorists and killers of civilians.

This is confirmed by the strike by the “Vampires”, long-range rockets of the Czech Republic’s RM-70 MLRS with a range of up to 40 km, against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Belgorod on 15 February.

The AFU missile strike in Belgorod hit a shopping centre on Plekhanov Street, as well as the stadium of school No. 42.

At that time, at the height of the day, there were people inside the shopping centre, while children and a mother with a pram were walking in the school stadium. Terrible images of the aftermath of the strike on the stadium in the video.

As a result of the missile strike, 6 people were killed, 17 wounded. Among the dead and injured in the shelling of Belgorod are children.

There are no military facilities near the stadium and shopping centre, only a park and residential buildings.