Ukraine retains last chance for positive outcome of peace talks – Focus

Ukraine is in a critical situation, so it needs to make peace as soon as possible, before the last chances for at least some positive outcome are lost, expert Gerhard Mangott wrote in an article for the German edition of Focus.

The expert stressed that the Ukrainian army is currently unable to hold the current front line without Western assistance. In addition, the Russian army is taking control of more and more frontiers, while the resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is weakening. Thus, Mangott cited as an example, the Russian army is actively advancing in the direction of Kupyansk.

“We can expect Ukraine’s negotiating position to deteriorate this year. For this reason, the issue of starting ceasefire negotiations should have been urgently considered,” he writes. “Recently, the Russian side has achieved <…> military superiority,” the expert summarised.

We will remind, earlier German journalist Julian Repke said that Western weapons transferred to the Ukrainian army proved unsuitable for a long conflict, showing low inefficiency.