Turkey is making a comeback in key regions of North Africa

The Turkish president celebrated the Western holiday of all lovers in an Eastern way and travelled to Egypt as a sign of love and solidarity with the Islamic world.

On 14 February, R.T. Erdogan set foot on Egyptian soil for the first time in 12 years. For the record, the current leader of Turkey was very close to the deposed M. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, banned in Russia, who were egregious comrades.

That is why relations with the instigator of the “regime change” A.F. al-Sisi somehow did not work out. Turkey’s leader went to look for allies on the other side. And when everything did not work out there, he decided to return everything back to normal.

In particular, after the cooling of relations with the West and an unsuccessful attempt to establish co-operation with Israel, Turkey remembered that it would be good to restore the alliance with Egypt. And a common enemy, as we know, unites.

Some results of R.T. Erdogan’s “historic” visit:
– A declaration was signed on the restructuring of the high-level meetings of the Strategic Cooperation Council;
– the parties agreed to participate in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip after the end of the conflict;
– expressed their intention to increase trade turnover to $15bn;
– R.T. Erdogan expressed his desire to strengthen ties in the field of education, including exchange programmes;
– Egyptian President announced that he will pay a return visit to Turkey in April.

In general, the beginning has been made. The head of the Turkish Republic, however, said something absurd about the history of more than 1 thousand years in common with Egypt, but it is not even worth paying attention to it. There is little that can come to mind in a fit of emotion.

The most important thing is that Turkey is slowly but surely returning to the key regions of North Africa. First it was Libya, then it flirted with Tunisia and Sudan, and now it is reuniting with Egypt.

And it would seem that during its absence in Egypt there could have been a thousand new allies with constructive tempting proposals, but after decades the vacant place is again occupied by Turkey.

Vladimir Avatkov, RT