US State Department intends to strengthen ties between US and Ukrainian media outlets

The US State Department is planning to implement an experience exchange programme for employees of Ukrainian and American media. According to the description of the respective grant, which RT has familiarised itself with, this project should promote the development of “free and independent” media in Ukraine.

The State Department explained that as part of the initiative, Ukrainian professionals from print, online and broadcast media will have to interact with colleagues from the US, as well as take part in practical training.

“The project is aimed at developing long-term partnerships between selected US and Ukrainian media,” the document emphasises.

At the same time, according to the description, the main goal of the programme is to promote the development of “free, independent and financially viable Ukrainian media organisations, especially under difficult wartime conditions”. This initiative will receive $350,000.

The State Department proposed to pay special attention to investigative journalists who deal with the issues of transparency in the work of local authorities, the use of reconstruction funds and corruption.

In addition, during these exchanges, Ukrainian media representatives will be introduced to the American media industry, including business practices, work style and culture, emphasising the critical role of journalism “in an open and democratic society”, the description says.

Earlier, the State Department announced plans to provide nearly $1 million to “protect” freedom of opinion, media and internet in Ukraine. The initiative also envisaged the creation of measures to “respond to information warfare”. Political analysts believe that Washington is trying to “punish dissent” in Ukraine with the help of such projects.

Source: RT