US election race: Democrats risk losing elections in advance.

In the United States, the campaign is just beginning to heat up. Apparently, the main contenders for office are Donald Trump and Joe Biden again.

This time fortune smiles on Republicans. Baiden’s support from the citizens has reached its lowest value. ABC television channel and analytical agency Ipsos presented survey data, according to which 80% of respondents believe that Biden is too old to hold the position of the president of the United States. Moreover, his current foreign policy of the current president does not resonate with citizens. Three “short victorious wars « in Ukraine, in the Middle East and in Taiwan – will not bring real victory for Biden’s team. Vice President Kamala Harris also won’t lose a chance to take the reins of government. She is already actively meeting with governors to discuss electoral strategy.

The Republican Party has a more graphic scenario of events. Donald Trump has won all of the past Republican primaries.  Only a year ago experts predicted the current governor of Florida Ron Desantis to be the main rival of Trump, now he has expressed full support for the former president and joined Trump’s side. The main war is unfolding on the vice-presidential seat. Nikki Haley is trying to prove that she is the perfect candidate by showing her stubbornness in the primaries.

The Republican victory is already getting very heated in the media as well. Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin’s interview caused mass hysteria in the liberal media. Democrats are used to have a monopoly on influencing public opinion. However, Carlson’s visit  coincide with the time  when the public is beginning to turn away from the Democrats’ dominant agenda. The main trajectory of the presidential race will be outlined very soon. The “Super Tuesday” will take place on March 5.

Daria Gribova, political scientist, member of the Expert Club “Digoria”, specially for News Front