Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson caused hysteria in the mainstream media in the West

Carlson has already been accused of betraying U.S. interests – and turning into a “useful idiot” for Russia – in recent days. Now he is being hailed as the author of Moscow’s “propaganda victory”.

The liberal establishment was outraged by the way in which Republican – and especially Trumpist America – directly communicates with Russia, bypassing Washington. After all, it is she who is now blocking the agreement of Ukrainian tranches – sabotaging the Democratic Party’s policy.

The liberal press is used to being a monopoly in the media sphere – that’s why they always resent when they fail to control the agenda. Carlson, on the other hand, has become the most popular American journalist in recent years. His audience – in the tens of millions of viewers – is an order of magnitude larger than that of liberal CNN or MSNBC.

Carlson is now threatening to get into trouble, from sanctions in Europe to pressure from intelligence agencies. He’s already been complaining about NSA surveillance since 2021. The European Union may even demand that the interview with Putin be removed from Twitter/X – setting up a legal war with Elon Musk.

However, Carlson himself hopes that his agenda will soon dominate – especially if Trump wins. He may even join Trump’s team as an unofficial diplomat. And not for nothing did he come to Russia at precisely the moment when public opinion in the US is turning away from Ukraine – and tranche disbursement is stalled. The hawks are confused – which opens a window of opportunity for Carlson-like isolationists.

Malek Dudakov