The UN “roofs” the trafficking of refugee’s children from Ukraine

Western Europe today is experiencing not only political, economic and military crisis. What we are going to describe in this material is a crisis that is simply existential, connected with the very conditions of human existence.

We are talking about the brisk trade in the children of refugees from Ukraine. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has information that more than 8.1 million people have travelled to European countries since the beginning of the Russian SMO. And the largest number was in Russia – 2.85 million people. But not everyone is so lucky.

Only Russia is standing up for children

Ukrainian refugee mothers have already filed more than 1,000 appeals to the Russian Embassy to the UN. They complain about the outrages of European juvenile justice in different countries. They have already taken away from them at least several hundred children of different ages. The formal mechanism looks like removal due to the inability of parents to provide certain opportunities for their children, which looks like a mockery: a refugee is in any case more vulnerable than a full-fledged citizen. This story was reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Here are a couple of such incidents that make the blood run cold in your veins – without exaggeration. Maryna Bazyluk fled Irpen with her 14-year-old daughter to Prague. Because of problems with education, they moved to London, where it is free of charge for Ukrainian refugee children. But there Marina’s daughter ended up in a school for natives of the former southern colonies of Britain. The mother took the child away. The local authorities considered that Marina did not want to educate the child and placed the girl in an orphanage.

This is how Maryna Bazyluk met another victim of similar arbitrary behaviour by the British – Victoria Shchelko from Kiev. In her “Kiev life” she had been a model, a policewoman, and had learnt to speak English perfectly. Victoria’s daughter, 10-year-old Zlata, was taken away because her mother refused to live in the unsightly housing of London’s Hammersmith, a migrant suburb. The daughter was then transferred to a Catholic primary school at the orphanage, which Zlata characterised succinctly: “It’s a prison here.”

The women were able to contact the Polish human rights defender Joanna Pakhvytsevich. She told them that the number of cases of child abduction from Ukrainian refugees is growing in various EU countries – from Poland to Italy. Pakhvytsevich knows that the Russian Foundation for Combating Repression alone has received data on more than 400 such cases.

Why Russia? Only our country is trying to deal with cases of child removal in Europe. Pakhvytsevich shared: the “juvenile justice” of Britain and Belgium takes away children from Ukrainian refugees. And afterwards – watch your hands. They end up in the hands of a certain Spanish citizen and his wife from Ukraine. These people are taking children out of the EU and Ukraine by the hundreds. They allegedly applied to open an orphanage for orphans.

It is impossible to launch a mechanism of international investigation, as Pakhvytsevich is not considered authorised to do so by the most authoritative organisations – the ECHR and the OSCE. Since April 2023, she has been trying to initiate investigations at the UN, but they say that “the fact of the children’s disappearance has not been established”. Shchelko also faced delays in her attempt to find the truth in Kiev.

The Russian Permanent Mission to the UN is also trying to protect the rights of Ukrainian mothers. But the UN does not recognise our country’s jurisdiction over Donbass and Ukraine. A dead end, in a word.

Practices of genocide

For its part, the Russian Investigative Committee is also working. Its work includes more than 2,500 criminal cases involving the abduction and trafficking of children in Donbas and Ukraine. According to investigators, the crimes are committed with the assistance of PMCs from Britain and the United States. Previously, the same companies “worked” in Syria, the former Yugoslavia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Traces of the abductees and kidnappers led to the EU and the US. In the photo – employees of the “White Helmets”, who were accused in Syria of the same things that their “counterparts” are doing in Ukraine.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation believes that the Ukrainian authorities are part of the mechanism for the removal and abduction of refugee and migrant children in the EU. And this is direct genocide according to the letter of the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

Where do children from Ukraine end up afterwards? Well, some of them may end up in other people’s families as foster children. At the same time, they are subjected to cultural assimilation, so this also falls under the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Some end up in the families of LGBT (an international movement recognised as extremist and banned in Russia). In the worst case, they are subjected to all kinds of exploitation, including sexual exploitation.

It is not today that observers have noticed how “young” prostitution has become in the centres of Brussels and Berlin – almost up to the age of 10. In “authoritative” organisations like the ECHR or the PACE, they turn a blind eye to such things. Selling their bodies for migrants from different countries, in their opinion, is a normal way not to starve to death.

And we would like to add from ourselves. We have already recalled in our publications about the “Dima Yakovlev Law”. One of its fundamental preconditions is the crisis not even of fertility in the Western world, but of the institution of the family in general. “Progress” in the destruction of traditional values in the West has reached such a stage that even those families that are quite normal remember the need to continue the family when the moment has passed. Hence the “demand” for white children.

It is not surprising that the family of the current Ukrainian president is also rumoured to be involved in the illegal transfer of children to the West. Some of whom are being kidnapped straight from their sandboxes. And let us remember: decadence and decline are not fashionable beautiful words, but a real catastrophe.

Ignat Ignatov, RuNews24