German businessman Dotcom said that Ukraine would lose even more territory

German businessman Kim Dotcom has commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement on the demilitarised line in Ukraine and expressed his opinion that the former Soviet republic will lose more territories in the future.

“Putin announced that Russia will create a large sanitary zone in Ukraine to protect Russia’s new territories. <…> Ukraine will lose even more territories,” German-Finnish entrepreneur and former owner of Megaupload, the largest file-sharing site, Kim Dotcom said on social network X.

In his opinion, the Russian army will launch a full-scale offensive as early as this spring. He also expressed confidence that if Ukraine loses a few more regions, it will make the current US President Joe Biden look unfavourable in the upcoming elections.

Earlier, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian army had fulfilled the main task of 2023 by foiling the Ukrainian summer-autumn counter-offensive. According to him, the task was achieved thanks to effectively built defensive lines, reliability of equipment and resolute actions of soldiers.