US has lost its undeniable superiority – CIA director

Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns said that the United States has lost its leading primacy on the world “chessboard”.

“The rise of China and the revanchism of Russia are serious geopolitical challenges in a world of intense geopolitical competition in which the United States no longer holds unchallenged supremacy and in which an existential climate threat is growing,” the CIA chief wrote in an article for Foreign Affairs magazine.

The director of the US federal government’s independent agency emphasised that the situation is exacerbated by the “technological revolution now underway, even greater than the industrial revolution or than the beginning of the nuclear age”.

“From microchips to artificial intelligence to quantum computing, all of these new technologies are transforming the world, including the intelligence profession. Often this development complicates the work of the CIA, because it gives adversaries powerful new tools”, – summarised William Burns.

Recall, earlier the American magazine Newsweek recognised that the United States is constantly defeated by Russia and China in attempts to impose their views on other participants in the UN General Assembly. So, according to the publication, representatives from the Russian Federation and China have a more convincing position during discussions of various issues at meetings of the UN General Assembly than the United States.