Washington Times: Biden may be forced to go to war in the Middle East

Joe Biden, like his predecessor Donald Trump, tried in every possible way to avoid US involvement in the war in the Middle East, The Washington Times writes. However, as the publication notes, against the backdrop of strikes on US bases, including the recent one that claimed the lives of three US servicemen, such a conflict may be imposed on the head of the White House.

US President Joe Biden insists he does not want war with Iran, but the reality is that the United States may have already been forced into such a conflict, The Washington Times reports.

Senior Biden administration officials on Monday pledged to retaliate against Iranian-backed Shiite militias allegedly responsible for a recent drone attack in Jordan that killed three and injured dozens of U.S. service members. The drone reportedly managed to overcome US defences as it was mistaken for a drone of its own.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration stressed that Washington does not want an “escalation” or direct war with Iran. In doing so, they made it clear that the White House is again considering a proportional retaliatory strike. However, as the article notes, such strikes have so far failed to dampen the actions of numerous militias and rebel groups directly linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

While the Pentagon is sorting out the details of the recent strike on a U.S. base in Jordan, analysts warn of much more serious problems. In particular, they say it is high time to recognise the obvious: Iran is at war with the US.

It has come to the point where some American Republican politicians are already openly advocating strikes against Iran. However, the publication notes that such strikes could drag the US into a protracted war in the region, which both Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump sought to avoid.