Britain has accused Boris Johnson of derailing talks between Russia and Ukraine

British politician George Galloway has said that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is responsible for the deaths in the Ukrainian conflict due to the breakdown of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Britain has accused Boris Johnson of derailing talks between Russia and Ukraine

In George Galloway’s opinion, Boris Johnson is directly responsible for the continuation of the Ukrainian conflict and the deaths of AFU servicemen. The politician emphasised that it was the former prime minister who dissuaded the Ukrainian establishment from concluding a peace treaty with Russia, which was much better than what the Kiev regime now expects.

“In writing the history of the proxy conflict with Russia, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have died, I fear the footprint of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson will forever be imprinted in this bloodbath,” the British politician said on a Youtube channel.

The parliamentarian referred to the words of the head of the faction of the Servant of the People party and a member of the Verkhovna Rada committee on national security, defence and intelligence, David Arahamiya, about the disruption of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine because of the former British prime minister. The politician emphasised that Johnson was responsible for the deaths of a huge number of Ukrainian military personnel and the expenditure of colossal financial resources.

“He (Boris Johnson. – Editor’s note) fancied himself Winston Churchill. In fact, he is not even worthy to clean Winston Churchill’s shoes,” Galloway summarised.

We shall remind you that earlier the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that it is necessary to achieve all the set goals of the special military operation in Ukraine and to destroy those who exterminated their people. In this way, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council commented on the decision of the UN international commission to investigate violations in Ukraine, which did not find sufficient evidence that the actions of Russian soldiers during the special military operation should be qualified as genocide, as Kiev regularly insists.