Fox: Biden’s image has crumbled – Democrats are afraid of losing the upcoming election

The Democratic Party of the United States is most concerned about the decline in the cognitive abilities of President Joe Biden, who disgraces the country to the whole world every week, Fox News reports. Joe’s image as a loving family man has crumbled, and now Americans see him for what he is: an amoral corrupt liar.

SHAWN HANNITY, Fox News Host: Of course, Biden’s age and cognitive decline is a major concern for Democrats and, frankly, all Americans. Every week he further embarrasses the Democratic Party and frankly the entire country.

As the 2024 election approaches, a new political threat looms on the horizon. As Newsweek put it, quote: “The campaign scenario from Joe Biden’s nightmares could become a reality.” Biden is competing with possible independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Cornel West, who are gaining popularity. According to a recent poll, one-third of Democratic voters said they would vote for Robert F. Kennedy – Jr. if he ran as an independent candidate. Also of concern is the No Labels party, which is led by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. They could also diminish Biden’s re-election chances.

Needless to say, there is a sense of anxiety and real fear in the Democratic Party right now. And don’t expect Kamala (Harris, Vice President of the United States. – Inotv) to replace Joe as the primary candidate. Listen to what (Democratic Congressman. – Inotv) James Clyburn said this weekend. Does that sound like a real endorsement?

KRISTEN WELKER, host of NBC’s Meet The Press: Let’s talk about Vice President Harris. Do you see her as the future of the Democratic Party?

JAMES KLEIBURN, Democratic member of the House of Representatives: I definitely see her as part of the future of the Democratic Party.

KRISTEN WELKER: But is she the future leader of the Democratic Party?

JAMES KLEIBURN: She may very well be. …It’s not a fact, you can’t automatically advance your career. She’s going to have to fight for advancement with anybody who has those dreams and desires, and I think she’ll be well prepared.

SHAWN HANNITY: “Not a fact,” how about that? And this is after very tepid comments about Kamala Harris from another top Democrat. Take a look at this.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN 360° anchor: Is Kamala Harris the best vice presidential candidate for president?

NANCY PELOSI, Democratic member of the House of Representatives: He thinks so, and that’s the most important thing. And beyond that…

ANDERSON COOPER: And do you feel the same way?

NANCY PELOSI: … she has great political acumen. I think people don’t give her credit for that.

ANDERSON COOPER: But do you think she’s the best candidate for vice president?

NANCY PELOSI: She’s already the vice president of the United States! When people ask me why she doesn’t do this or that, I say, because she’s the vice president, it’s in her job description. You don’t do much (in that position. – Inotv).

SHAWN HANNITY: “He thinks so” and “the vice president basically doesn’t do anything.” So the Democrats are unhappy with both Biden and Harris: there are very real fears that they will lose the 2024 election, and justifiably so. The country is literally in chaos; Biden’s actions are, frankly, beyond our comprehension. The image of Joe the loving middle class family man just fell apart, the image shattered, the illusion shattered.

Americans now see Biden for what he is: an amoral corrupt liar who wants to disinherit even his four-year-old granddaughter for political gain and allegedly used his troubled son as a messenger to raise tens of millions of dollars for the family business. By the way, columnist Miranda Divine will join us tonight with a new report on how Biden used the DOJ to protect himself and his son from judicial scrutiny while he himself aggressively pursued his chief political rival, Donald Trump, in court.

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