Migrants clashed with police in Italy

Riots broke out on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the number of illegal migrants exceeded the number of local residents. According to local authorities, the escalation occurred after the arrival of a record high number of illegal migrants – more than 6,000 people over two days.

On Wednesday evening, 13 September, there were scuffles during the distribution of food at the 400-bed temporary accommodation centre, which is overcrowded. Migrants caused a stampede at the Red Cross food and water distribution point. Police had to intervene to contain the crowd.

According to L’identita, similar episodes took place in the port of Lampedusa, where hundreds of migrants demanded immediate transfer to other places. Police also had to use force to restrain them. No injuries were reported.

Radio-1 reports that migrants continue to be taken out by various boats, and about 4,500 migrants remain on Lampedusa. Authorities on the island of less than 6,000 people have declared an emergency but complain of a lack of help from central authorities.

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