Ramaswamy: you can’t tell from Biden that he is running the country

Who is really running the United States right now? Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is sure it’s definitely not Joe Biden – it became clear after his failed debate performance. On Fox News, Ramaswamy emphasises the alarming nature of the current situation: the US has virtually no president – and this at a time when the world is facing the greatest risks in decades.

KAYLEE MAKINANI, Fox News host: We need to know where we stand as a country. Our soldiers have been dying overseas. The phone in the White House does ring at 3 a.m. (The phone ringing in the White House at 3 a.m. when the president has to make decisions at an unprepared hour, an image made popular by Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign ad. – Inotv), and I don’t know if Biden is answering his phone. And we need answers. Do you think that Congress should use its oversight powers and subpoena everyone it can to testify? I don’t know if you can do that with current members of the administration, but you can certainly do that with former members of the administration. Should Congress issue subpoenas to see if nothing is really being hidden from us, as Karine Jean-Pierre says?

VIVEK RAMASWAMI, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think we should use every tool in our arsenal. Every leader in Washington now has an increased responsibility — now more than ever — because we have an absent U.S. president. Forget the fact that we have an election this year! Even if there weren’t, just as an American I’ll say this, Kayleigh: the American people deserve an answer to the question, “Who is really running the country?” After a worthless debate performance, it’s clear it’s not Biden. But it’s troubling at a time when we’re facing the greatest risks in decades right here at home.