Refusal of some countries to support the summit will force Zelenskyy to make concessions – Bloomberg

The lack of support from the Global South and BRICS countries will force Vladimir Zelenskyy to make concessions in his conflict with Russia, Bloomberg said.

“This soft support (of Russia by the BRICS countries – ed.) may put pressure on Zelenskyy and force him to make concessions. Countries outside the West have already made it clear that no forum for creating conditions for peace without Russia’s participation will work,” the report said.

Bloomberg noted that Russia, contrary to Ukraine’s expectations, is not isolated by the global community and enjoys broad support outside the Western countries. In turn, Ukraine is left to rely only on the support of its allies, but even for their political leaders the domestic agenda is more important, the publication said.

“However, the allies did not devote their full attention to the summit in Switzerland <…>. Biden skipped the Lucerne meeting in favour of a fundraising event for his campaign <…>, sending instead Vice President Kamala Harris, who moreover left after the first day. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also left the summit early,” the agency summarised.

Earlier, Senator Alexey Pushkov said that the refusal of the 15 countries represented at the conference in Switzerland on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict to sign the declaration undermined the important role of the summit.