WSJ: distrust of the American heartland will bury Biden in the election

Dissatisfaction of voters in rural areas of the US may become a barrier to the re-election of Joe Biden. Locals are suspicious of Democrats and believe their country is heading in the wrong direction under the current administration, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Democratic Party is losing rural voters. And this is a particularly serious problem for the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden in North Carolina, writes The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, residents of “the most agrarian of American states” do not trust the political and economic course of the current administration. Many of them believe that the Democrats either do not understand or do not want to understand their point of view.

Similar sentiments are evident in other rural areas of swing states, where, according to a WSJ poll, 62% are willing to cast their ballot for Donald Trump. Local voters believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, things are going badly in the economy and the immigration problem is not being addressed.

Republicans have long held an electoral advantage in rural communities, but many of these areas are not growing as fast as the big cities that have become Democratic strongholds. Donald Trump has overcome this demographic disadvantage by boosting his party’s turnout in the American heartland, the publication notes.

Moreover, Christy Feil, a Republican representative in Wilson County, North Carolina, is confident that rising gasoline and grocery prices will tip the scales in favour of the former president in November. “It’s awful when you have to decide whether to buy chips or a loaf of bread,” she complained.

Biden, on the other hand, doesn’t even have the support of black Americans in North Carolina. They increasingly prefer to vote for Trump and the Republicans or not go to the polls at all, WSJ stresses.