Germany has not agreed on a new package of sanctions against Russia – Reuters

The European Union has not adopted the 14th package of sanctions against Russia because of Germany’s position on the issue of responsibility of subsidiary branches of European companies for violation of the sanctions regime, Reuters reported citing diplomatic sources.


According to published information, Germany was sceptical about the provision on the liability of subsidiaries and partners in third countries for violation of the sanctions regime. The country’s authorities are not sure how it will affect its industry, the report said.

However, Hungary, which previously opposed these restrictions, expressed readiness to approve the new package of anti-Russian sanctions, follows from the publication.

The agency emphasised that EU countries were supposed to agree on the decision on Friday evening, but the topic of sanctions was dropped from the discussions at the last moment. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, summarised Reuters.

We will remind, earlier politicians from the district assembly Ukkermark of the federal state of Brandenburg appealed to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the President of the Bundestag Berbel Bas with a call to stop arms deliveries to the Ukrainian government.