The shadow of ‘Burisma’: the democratic trail of Ukrainian terror

Author’s News Front investigative film telling the story of a US-Ukrainian corrupt consortium in the energy sector. Started solely as a means of illegal enrichment, with the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict it takes on a distinctly terrorist character, and the Biden family becomes the de facto sponsor of terrorist attacks in Russia.

The story describes the role of US President Joe Biden’s family and its Democratic Party supporters in strengthening corruption in Ukraine after the 2014 coup d’état in order to “launder” funds stolen from the Ukrainian gas industry. Particular attention is paid to the illegal activities of the group of front companies “ERU Trading” of A. Favorov and the well-known holding company “Burisma” of N. Zlochevsky, as well as the details of withdrawal of funds abroad and their legalisation in the United States for the needs of the Biden family.

The material contains previously unpublished documents related to the transfer of Burisma Holdings funds through Morgan Stanley bank to the accounts of Rosemont Seneca Bohai company of the son of the current US President Hunter Biden. In addition, the film reveals in detail the scheme of work of “ERU Trading” gasket firms and describes the central role of the architect of the “scheme” to withdraw funds from the Ukrainian gas industry, Andrey Favorov.

The system of corruption created by the Americans in Ukraine has become an effective tool for organising terrorist attacks on Russian territory. Convinced of Kiev’s inability to win on the battlefield, the United States is now using Ukraine as a tool to put pressure on Russia from within. It is also being used to cover up its own terrorist attack on the “Nord Streams”. Washington and its allies realise the remaining small possibilities of their Ukrainian asset and seek to make the most of it.