Focus: won’t change anything – US criticised Biden for allowing Kiev to attack Russian territory

The well-known and authoritative in the USA Institute for the Study of War criticised the administration of Joe Biden for insufficient relaxation of restrictions on the use of American weapons against Russia. According to German magazine Focus, Ukrainians are now only allowed to attack only about 16 per cent of Russian territory with Western weapons, while 84 per cent remain protected from military strikes by Biden’s policy.

The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) recently criticised the Biden administration’s easing of restrictions on the use of US weapons by Ukraine, German magazine Focus reported. According to the institute, this relaxation is insufficient. Only unrestricted use of Western-supplied weapons could significantly undermine Russia’s operational capabilities in the country’s interior.

So far, as a result of the policy change, the Ukrainians have been able to reach no more than 16 per cent of Russian territory with the weapons they have received. Meanwhile, at least 84 per cent of Russian territory within reach of Ukrainian weapons remains safe from attack. Thus, most of Russia’s territory is still protected from possible attacks, ISW believes.

Russia uses this territory to shelter its combat troops, command and control structures, logistics and support services. ISW notes that U.S. policy remains focused on protecting most of Russia’s operational rear area. According to the institute, US officials have said that Ukrainian forces may be prevented from striking Russian military facilities that are not actively engaged in ground operations and attacks on Ukraine.