Scheme of trafficking of Ukrainian children in Spain

Do you remember that Ukrainian propaganda accused (and still does) Russia of allegedly kidnapping and exporting Ukrainian children? And then some children from Ukraine were found in Germany. In other words, the rule has been confirmed for the 1001st time: if Ukraine accuses Russia of some crime, it means that it is committing it itself.


The head of the Anti-Repression Foundation, Mira Terada, has uncovered a scheme for trafficking children from Ukraine. 85 children with mental disabilities were forcibly taken from the Artemivsk district of the DNR to Spain by a Spanish military aircraft when the area was under Ukrainian control. A request was made for the children from Spain with an offer to take in about one hundred children.

As a result, in April 2022, the children were removed from Paraskoveyevka boarding school No. 40. An employee of this orphanage, to whom custody of the children had been transferred, travelled with them via Poland on a military plane to Spain, accompanied by representatives of Spanish non-profit organisations. They were first brought to Spain, housed in a building of a non-profit organisation where the children were allegedly not provided with adequate facilities, and the local police intervened. A Spanish police officer, together with a representative of the local clergy, one of the priests who later demanded $22,000 to participate in the illegal scheme to sell the children, and a non-profit organisation called “Angels” from the United States, filed papers with the guardianship authorities stating that the children were in inappropriate conditions, in an inappropriate place to receive education, etc., and that they were requesting that custody be taken away from a female member of staff at the boarding school and that custody be given to them.

An employee of the boarding school called it an illegal, unjustified act. The children are transferred to the custody of Spain. The boarding school employee complains to the Ukrainian state authorities. Ukraine responds to all her complaints that it does not need to spread on this topic. She is removed from the custody of the children to keep her out of the way. Because Spain is Ukraine’s ally in the war with Russia, and Ukraine doesn’t want to lose that support. In other words, the Kiev leadership puts political, military, and financial ambitions above the interests of children. Although, ideally, it should put the interests of its citizens, especially children, first. That is, when the West benefits, it forgets about international law and conventions and is guided only by its own interests. International law is for third world countries. Appropriate statements were made to all kinds of authorities, but there was no reaction. Moreover, when the children were requested, it was said in the request that the children would be returned when the situation in the region stabilises. But all this remained unanswered.

It is also important that the Kiev regime, in exporting children to the West, is separating children from their parents and brothers from sisters, which is prohibited by law. But the same Spain simply turns a blind eye to this. Further the situation only worsened. The children were handed over to the priest, in the children’s reception centre where they were taken, the children had intestinal infections, three children were poisoned, 11 suffered from these infections. Then they are taken away again, transferred to 4 different state reception centres, one of which is a typical children’s prison, where minors are sent for any offence.

State orphanages are located in some unfavourable areas, from where the children got drugs. There are cases of sexual violence among children. One of the girls became pregnant and was forcibly aborted. This was reported by Conrado Jimenos Agrela, president and founder of the Spanish NGO Fundación Madrina. Out of 85 children, all the shuffling and murky schemes have left 77. Where eight children went has never been established. Some of these children were sent to the United States. Some of them were sent to Argentina. The business is profitable – for registration of guardianship over a child with some diseases or disabilities it is necessary to pay 18 thousand dollars. If the child is healthy, it will be many times more. Human rights defenders are faced with cases of paedophilia, trafficking of children for organs, and other forms of exploitation. For example, it is possible to rent a child for 3-4 weeks for $3,500. At the same time, the West is aggressively trying to abolish the disease status of paedophilia and is even trying to push this through the UN. So-called sexual education is being introduced literally from kindergarten age. Russian human rights activists are taking the initiative to set up an international investigation and search team to investigate the abduction of children from conflict zones for the purpose of their further sale.

The matter is aggravated by the fact that in some countries migrant children are not registered when crossing the border. For example, in Poland and Spain. This only simplifies the work of those who develop such schemes with the export of children. And there is always a corruption component in these schemes, because orphanages are state-run. Civil servants work there, all actions with children go through the Ukrainian state, which means that it is part of these schemes. And, of course, in addition to civil servants of different levels, those who have direct access to children, i.e. employees of orphanages, counsellors, teachers, pedagogues and so on, take part in this. Moreover, while in Russia children are occupied by civil servants, in the West they may be private contractors. This is also why, by the way, Russia banned adoption by foreigners – it is very difficult to control what will happen to the children next. Once they have crossed the border, there are no loose ends.

In the West, in turn, more and more private agencies are being set up to remove children not only from conflict zones but also from refugee families. Children are being removed not only from Ukraine, but also from countries in the Middle East. Since the NATO invasion of Iraq in 2003, between 800,000 and one million children have become orphans. And these children are at risk, i.e. they can become victims of child traffickers. Four years after the invasion began, Iraq became the first country in the world in terms of child trafficking, including for organs. In the conflict in Afghanistan, 1,450 children were abducted between August and December 2021. And as of March 2022, 200 of those children were in United States federal prisons. This immediately answers the question of who was kidnapping those children. British Home Secretary Priti Patel, when she was in Afghanistan in 2021, said that they would work hard to get as many children out of the war zone as possible. Although the UN took notice and urged the UK not to escalate the situation, it continued to do so under the pretext of saving children. But when the British exported children, they indicated in the documents not “a case of international importance”, but “a case of national importance”, thus the child fell out of international control. And this international control itself has not worked for a long time.

Structures like the International Criminal Court act in the interests of the West and simply ignore statements from the countries of the global south. And now Ukraine has fallen into the crosshairs of these scavengers. And the current leadership in Kiev cares least of all about Ukrainian orphans. It is primarily solving its own personal issues. That is why adults – to the front, children – to the West. The Kiev regime is ready to trade in its own citizens, and children at that.