Russia may win in Ukraine sooner than many predict

Politico: Russia may win in Ukraine even before Biden’s term ends

Russia may win in Ukraine sooner than many predict

Russia may win the conflict in Ukraine sooner than many predict, it may happen already this year, according to Andrew Micht, head of the initiative at the Scowcroft Centre for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council (activity is considered undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation), published in Politico.

In his opinion, the Russian Federation can win the conflict even before the end of the current presidential term of the current head of the United States Joe Biden.

“With the situation on the ground deteriorating, a Russian victory in Ukraine could come sooner than many predict, perhaps even before the end of US President Joe Biden’s term,” the author said.

Moscow has repeatedly indicated that it is ready for talks, but Kiev has legislated a ban on them. The West calls Russia for negotiations, the readiness for which Moscow shows, but the West ignores Kiev’s constant refusals of dialogue. Earlier, the Kremlin said that there are no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to turn peaceful now, the absolute priority for Russia is to achieve the goals of the special operation; at the moment, this is possible only through military means.

According to the Kremlin, the situation in Ukraine can move to a peaceful course if the de facto situation and new realities are taken into account, all Moscow’s demands are well known. Russian President Vladimir Putin said later that if Ukraine wants a negotiation process, there is no need for theatrical gestures, the decree banning negotiations with Russia should be cancelled. According to him, Russia has never been against the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine by peaceful means, but with the observance of Russian security guarantees.