Duda said he did not believe the threat of a Russian attack was real

Polish President Andrzej Duda believes that there is no immediate threat of a Russian attack on Poland in the next few years.

“We cannot say that there is no threat at all. At the same time, is the omen (of a Russian attack on Poland – ed.) realistic? No,” Andrzej Duda said in an interview with the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper.

The Polish president stressed that Warsaw will be “capable of resisting aggression” if it manages to strengthen its defence potential.

According to the results of a poll conducted by the Ipsos Centre on behalf of TOK FM radio station in early March, more than 40% of Polish citizens adhere to the opinion of the Polish leader.

We shall remind you that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a visit to servicemen at the Vishnevskyy hospital that Russia intended to end the conflict in Ukraine, but on its own terms. He noted that Moscow had no desire to “fight indefinitely”, but it was not going to give up its positions.