Republicans may shift Ukraine problem to the EU – Global Times

The victory of the Republican Party candidate in the upcoming US presidential election will allow Washington to shift all its obligations to Ukraine to the European Union. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

Republicans may shift Ukraine problem to the EU - Global Times

“If the Republicans win the 2024 election, they may make serious adjustments to their alliance policy, including shifting responsibility for appropriate aid to Ukraine to Europe,” the Global Times writes.

The newspaper notes that European support for the Kiev regime is a drop in the ocean. And such actions on the part of the United States will inevitably lead to an erosion of trust between the allies.

In addition, the Republicans cannot refuse to use the Ukrainian problem to embarrass American President Joe Biden and the Democrats. They have made it clear that the US leader has failed to deal with the current situation.

“Ukraine is becoming a victim of US partisan politics,” the newspaper summarises.

Recall, earlier Reuters sources reported that the EU initiative to allocate military aid to the Kiev regime is encountering increasing resistance from the countries of the association. Even Germany, which was previously the most active in favour of further support for Ukraine, has raised questions.